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 McIliffe Pot Lid Circa 1870 Melbourne AustraliaWashington Crossing The Delaware Pot Lid Circa 1875 Philadelphia USABrownes Victorian Cherry Toothpaste Circa 1876 Melbourne Australia

Pot lids, pot lids, pot lids, What on earth are pot lids? Welcome to the Antique Pot Lid Gallery. Many of our more prominent early chemists and druggists used advertising on the lids of their ceramic product containers as early as 1756. The top of the pot, or "Pot Lid" was often highly decorated and usually displayed early regional advertising in a quest to promote return business. Cold creams, toothpastes and shaving products were perhaps the most common contents. Up until the late 1920s a large number of chemists utilized this early form of advertising. Such pieces are now highly valued by collectors.

The majority of Antique Pot Lids where produced in the UK. Pratt-ware and black and white lids are by far the most common. Collectors locally and abroad continue to unearth these but in ever decreasing numbers. Some items are difficult to find making them most desirable, with Australia and USA combined perhaps having the largest selection for this period. It's open for discussion. Please investigate and you decide.

Both written and online references are essential to success in all fields of collecting. Enthusiasts these days are generally better equipped to investigate their chosen field/s of interest than ever before. Numerous online resources are available "free" and provide valuable data aligning international markets and trends. Collector webs and specialist auction sites possibly provide the most rewarding and relevant information for newer and emerging fields of collecting. Check them out!

The content within is displayed to promote the hobby of collecting Antique Pot Lids worldwide. I apologize for my domain name across every image, however this hopefully will reduce the frequency with which they are copied and listed for other than reference.

Cheers and happy hunting! Greg Dean

Laughing Parson Pot Lid Circa 1885 Melbourne Australia  Horton and Crundall Pot Lid Circa 1890 Melbourne Australia  Blacketts Chery Tooth Paste Pot Lid Circa 1880 Melbourne Australia


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